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Those who criticize US president Donald J. Trump just do not understand his sex appeal for his supporters.Politics is all about action, and actions exhibit promise for the future. The message behind Trump’s activities is “I get things done and will get them done when necessary.”

Still, I don’t believe populism is the best word to describe president Trump. He is more of a delivery boy than a real populist. He and his advisers don’t just understand the need for straight talk, but also that fast delivery of action (or acts perceived to be real action) is needed.

But I see another factor at play here. It simply doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court or district court withdraw his resolutions. Trump can still prove himself by continuing to do things, even with decisions that could be reversed by other state entities, by pointing the finger at this or that institution as an “obstacle” if anything he has initiated is reversed by these Institutions. They will quickly be associated with the world of “vested interests,” those uncompromising, self-effacing entities that forget about the needs of the average person.

People who support Trump are not just angry and impatient, nor unconstitutional. There are many among them who are seasoned and smart. They know politics is difficult, and have seen numerous instances of gridlock. They also know that the world is complex.

Supporters like his action as they see someone who really tries hard to solve problems that was labeled as “unsolvable”. That is one of the real lesson of the Trump presidency.

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