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Hillary Clinton is using the Wikileaks revelation as a prop for her pr offensive.

She used blunt words in her Congressional hearings this week, which could be seen as too honest and provocative beside sounding as a death knell for US supremacy.

But after the Wikileaks tsunami, her words were as much calculated as her all public communication.

Among the public bruhaha Wikileaks has caused, along with shame and shock on the cold reality of diplomacy, earlier reserved for the joy of discovery for later generations, the internet page has done a free pr campaign for more military and foreign service spending.

Financial Times has used recently (http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2ab8c5a8-45e1-11e0-acd8-00144feab49a.htm) the Wikileaks cables as the proofs that US diplomats are baffled and unarmed against the Chinese avalanche that is flooding world markets as well as important or not so important countries all over the world.

The revealed cables also shows that US diplomats are very good in identifying trends and problems, but are too reserved to urge their government to change direction.

The top bureucrats and politicians can also reap the benefits of Wikileaks avantgarde actions. While earlier it was much more difficult to raise spending on foreign lands, the leaked information confirms from every corner of the world that Chinese are coming closer and closer to the resources of the US hegemony. Even an average, inward-looking US taxpayer can understand that the US is on the brink of giving up its efforts to defend the positions that are the safeguard of his relatively peaceful life.

Politics is always amazing because seemingly odd things makes a perfect couple in the short or the long-term. Have you ever thought of Wikileak founder Assange as a part-time PR guy for US diplomacy?

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