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Tony Blair for President!

The EU needs Tony Blair as its first president. The former British Prime Minister is a heavy-weight politician, who, if elected, will be a tough player in forming the EU. That is exactly what the EU needs.

The EU must be focused in political issues. These kind of issues are off the table now, but needs to be considered in the foreseeable future.

This last crisis that was unfolding from 2007 showed that the world treats Europe as an economical unit. The Afghan war shows that Europe is active in military matters. The Israel-Palestinian conflict and the Iran nuclear criris points to the total lack of a coherent foreign policy of the European countries.

Europe is on the brink of becoming a global player. It is treated that way,while the European politicians are feigning total ignorance on this issue.

Tony Blair is a popular face. He has a history. He can create impact on the audience. Just see the speech market, where the interest in a person could easily be measured by the amount of money people willing to pay for a speaker. Tony Blair is next to Bill Clinton , one of the most expensive guy on the speech circuit.

This man has charisma. He has a media sex appeal.

He is strong-willed and courageous. He has an agenda. Obviously, he has always had an agenda.This is man, who wants to be succesful in measurable ways.

That is what Europe needs. A man, who has political ambitions. Who is trained in creating and managing political conflicts. A man who is not dependent on this job. A man who is yearning for a second round in politics.

Is he a grandstanding man? Oh, yes. Does Europe need someone, who can see through the Brussel diplomacy and the national political interests? I think so.

Just think about the Chinese, the Indians and certainly the US politicians. Of course, they treat the EU as a laughing stock, except when it comes to business matters. To develop a political strength of the EU, this organization needs someone who can create an image of it in the world political scene. There is not an institutional background for the common political stance and there is no real mechanism to create it.

Europe needs someone, who can call any head of state in Europe, Prime Ministers, who are start to bleaming if a superstar calls them.

Blair ‘s responsibility lies in transforming his sex appeal into direct political influence. A nice, cooperative guy, like Juncker, the Luxembourgian Prime Minister can be smooth in small talk, but what Europe needs is big talk. With a big -mouthed, ambitious guy like Blair.

Political cooperativity needs strong political will. Giscard D’Estaing and Schmidt, Mitterand-Kohl relationship proved that cooperation bossoms by strong political leader’s vision and acitvity. Blair is zealous enough to do something meaningful in the seat of the Europen President.

If selected, he will go against inter-governmentalism ( in the sense of Brussels -speak), against the central role of the Commission . He is not a transformed federalist ( also in the Brussels parlance) as well not rooted in Big Nations’ Nationalism and Narcissisim.

The political coordination now needs closer – ever closer – political coordination and unity in relevant political issues. Now, more than ever, it is not about policy, it is about politics.

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