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Let’s Go Behind Reason

When we write about serious stuff like politics, we consider many aspects of very exhausting topics like demography, game theory, studies of political institutions etc. Why not see the personal side? See the real, not over-explained driving forces behind people’s choices. To make the contrast stark, let’s see an ordinary man, who just happened to be not so ordinary anymore. Here are, for example, Mr. Obama’s choices, who was, some weeks ago, just one of us.

Is he wants to stop the Cuban embargo? – What if he likes Cuban cigars and he do not want be caught doing illegal thing as a US President, so he is just started working in time to uplift the embargo?

Is he wants to cease the Iraq War? – Maybe he is interested in remnants of the Ancient Culture and he wants to see it all and as a politically correct man he does not want to leave Iraq out of his comprehnsive study tour.

Is he more lenient on the Palestinians? – The study tour theory can be applied here too. Till Arabs and Jews are at each other’s throat, Arabs are likely to stop the US President freely visit remnants of ancient Empires (as they make a gnawing remembrance of their never existed empires too)

Is he more peaceful with Iran?- Maybe he likes laying on the shore and wants to visit Dubai’s newly explored beaches, which is at stone’s throw form Iran. If the US and Iran are at loggerheads, who knows what could happen then?

He would be harder on North Korea? – We already saw them on the South. So what can we miss?

Is he more harder on Afghanistan? – Why would he bother visiting another Grand Canyon if he has already had one at home?

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